Diaspora Nigeria Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, (DNERGP) We have carefully perused and digested the content of the 140 – page Economic Reccovery and Growth Plan launched last week by President Muhammadu Buhari and the members of the Federal Executive Council. We are to say the least very displeased with the fact that Tourism, a very significant sector of the economy was left out of such an essential medium plan intervention plan.

This we want to believe was just an oversight and not a deliberate neglect of this very important sector. This is because tourism is one of the lowest hanging fruits which can salvage the Nigerian economy both in the short and medium term with minimum stress and maximum productivity. Nevertheless, we take solace in the fact that one of the key objectives of the plan is to stimulate and mobilise the public and private sector efficiency for the much needed economic recovery and concomitant growth. Hence , from this highly neglected tourism and creative arts sector , we have decided to key in into this plan by initiating the Diaspora Nigeria Economy Recovery and Growth Plan , DNERGP ,- a Motherland Beckons initiative to salvage Nigeria economy through tourism and creative arts , which is an offshoot of our existing programme called Diaspora Nigerians and Friends , DNF , DNERGP as conceived by Motherlands Beckons under the headship of Otunba, Dr Wanle Akinboboye has two major components: the Leisure and Entertainment Plan, and secondly the Business Plan

Under the Leisure and Entertainment package, A Nigerian in Diaspora and a friend who is a lover of Nigeria would ‘Invest “$1000 each on a holiday visit to Nigeria for maximum leisure and top of the range entertainment. However, with their combined $2000, both will be entitled to two days and three nights of feeding, accommodation and transportation to tourism sites of their choice within Nigeria. And for ease of operation and logistics we have created four tourism zones namely: Destination Lagos; Destination Abuja; Destination South West and Destination Cross River. The visiting Diasporan and friend with theircombined $2000 ‘investment ‘ which they are investing on themselves can choose the destination of their choice with corresponding visit to four tourists ‘centres within the said destination.

An investor in Destination South – West ( which is code- named Oodua GetAway) for instance can chose to visit Badagry Slave Route , Idanre Hills , La Campagne Tropicana Beach resort , Lekki Lagos , Ikogosi Warm Springs ,Enuwa Palace , ile – Ife , Olumo Rock amongst others . This investment can also be done in multiples of $2000 above depending on the financial capacity of the Diaspora and their friends Our target audience for the first operational year is about 1 million Nigerians and about 1 million of friends of Nigeria totally 2 million visitors with their $2 billion Leisure and Entertainment investment into the Nigeria economy. Furthermore, the Business segment of the DNERGP is an option for Nigerians in Diaspora and their friends to latch on the template of our partnership with MUSIAD in Konya, Turkey. one of the largest business conglomerate in the world with about 50,000 manufacturing company and 11 thousand business men in more than 175 locations across the globe .

Our newly inaugurated African Turkey Trade Centre, ATTC, will give Nigerians in Diasporathe opportunity to be distributors and joint business owner in lucrative and joint business ventures like textile, agriculture, agro – allied and general manufacturing. These companies according to our terms of agreement shall commence full blown production in Nigeria after a three year test run, for their product to familiarise and enjoy patronage in the huge Nigerian market. To facilitate this effectively, we shall create a Diaspora Economic Industrial Zone under the auspices of the Motherland Beckons / MUSIAD Bilateral Agreement signed in December 2016. On a final note, it is instructive to note that with our vast experience in tourism and Diasporas affairs, we have come to realise that there are two type of Nigerians in Diaspora. Firstly we have indigenous Nigerians who migrated abroad to live and work overseas and secondly Africans in Diaspora who believe and claim that they are Nigerians , this include people from Bahia in Brazil , Costa Rica , Cuba , Venezuela and all over Americas . Not a few of them have gone to Howard University for DNA tests with about 62 per cent success rate recorded in favour of our beloved Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

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